Prefabricated decking boards allow the swift creation of patios, walk ways, and display areas. These can be fitted both indoors and outdoors, and are laid direct to the ground on bearers. If a level area is needed on sloping ground, we can lay these boards on to a sub floor.
Ideal for protecting grass from heavy footfall, keeping clients off wet grass, or creating a hard area for furniture and displays, these decking boards come in 1.2m x 2.4m panels, enabling large areas to be covered swiftly.
Able to be used in conjunction with our picket fencing and pillar fencing, we can create segregated patio gardens, footpaths, and bases for display stands.
Colour: Brown
Length 2.4m
Width 1.2m
Area per board 2.88m2
Installation: Laid directly to the ground on timber bearers. Small undulations can be levelled out using packers.
Our Picket Fencing can be screwed to the decking, giving a secure fence.
Available installed by our teams.