Pillar and Panel Fence

Our modular range of pillar and panel fencing can be customised to suit individual requirements.
This fence is ideal for high profile areas such as defining VIP Hospitality garden areas, forming booths in eating / drinking areas, and is suitable for events, exhibitions and conferences.
The ability to brand the pillars, panels and rails gives almost unlimited brand exposure, and being able to add living plants adds that extra special touch.
The 400mm square pillars standing 1100mm tall can be linked to either “dwarf wall” panels or chrome rails.
The pillar tops can be dressed either with decorative aggregate or plants. The pillar sides can be branded with graphics to suit.
The chrome rails can be used to suspend banners, or left open.
The dwarf wall panels can be topped with decorative aggregate or plants, and the side panels can be branded with graphics. These panels come in lengths of 2.4m and 1.2m, and stand 900mm tall.
Colour: Gloss white Pillars
Gloss white Panels
Chrome Rails
Sizes (mm, LxWxH) Pillars 400x400x1100
Panels 2400x150x900
Panels 1200x150x900
Chrome Rails 1200mm or 2400mm
Installation: This fence can be installed either indoors or outdoors. We can install it on both hard standing areas and grass, with no need to fix to the floor if required. The floor will need to be flat and level.
We can combine Rails and Panels in any permutation.
The pillars and panels will be dressed on top with our standard decorative aggregate. Optional extras include other aggregates or plants and shrubs, and graphic branding / banners.
Available installed by our teams.